11 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

I must note that while writing this, I was under the influence of heavy caffeine. So I am sorry if I am jumping around all over this page.

1. I backpacked in the mountains for a month

I backpacked the Appalachian trail in North Carolina and Tennessee with a group in the summer going into my senior year in high school. I was completely unplugged from society (no phone, no showers, no clean laundry, no Starbucks, no real cooked meals, and no toilet—never valued a toilet or shower sooo much until I got home lol). I found my journal from the trip a couple months ago and found drawings of cupcakes and cheeseburgers because I missed them that much haha (foodie4lyfe). Overall, it was an amazing experience because I did things most probably would never do in a lifetime like be completely alone in a giant field on a mountain watching shooting stars all night, multi-pitching Table Rock Mountain (aka rock climbing by hooking into the mountain), whitewater rafting up to level 4, and just the INCREDIBLE views. There are still some moments that stick with me like when we finally got near a peak in the mountains and we decided to camp near this river next to a group of apple trees that overlooked the Blue Ridge Mountains above the clouds. Somehow my parents convinced this diva to hang out in \ nature for a whole month. Idk man.

2. I went to UNC Charlotte and was in a sorority (ADPi to be exact)

My parents know me better than I know myself (you’re welcome Mom, I’m finally admitting it) and they suggested I go to design school because that’s where my skills lie but nOoOo I was a stubborn brat and wanted the typical American college experience. Dorms and Greek life and all. It probably would’ve been better to go to a design school but I wouldn’t trade my college experience for the world. I had the best time making friends at ADPi. Those girls taught me a lot about work ethic (lots of long nights memorizing dance moves for Greek Week in a freezing cold parking garage at 2 AM), networking, and how to master a beer bong haha. If you’re in college or about to be and are debating whether to join Greek life, you should! You meet so many new people and create the best memories. 

3. I have a man’s taste buds

Whoever was the person to start the idea that all girls want to eat is chocolate and ice cream is a dumby. Maybe i just don’t have a sweet tooth? This girl just loves a good burger, pizza, truffle fries, and/or anything buffalo chicken flavored. That IS the way to my heart. If you know me, you know that I will most likely pick anything buffalo chicken flavored off a menu (my friends that are reading this are definitely saying YEPPP in their heads right now).


4. I’m a runner

I started running cross country in 5th grade and continued running throughout middle school and high school. Back before I had hips and any other womanly body part I was actually a pretty good runner and I won a couple races. Then mid high school it started going downhill (I’d occasionally place). I still love to run every once in a while and find long runs to be the best work out or even meditation. Runners high is REAL. Since high school I’ve run a half marathon and am looking to cross off running a full marathon off of my list soon. Anyone want to be my running buddy? Hmu. 

I’m the one with the pink shoes. Obvi. And being anti-social filled with anxiety before we ran a race lol

I’m the one with the pink shoes. Obvi. And being anti-social filled with anxiety before we ran a race lol

5. I lived in 3 different cities

I was born and raised in Naples, Florida and moved to Charlotte, NC when I was 15. Soon after I graduated college I made the move to Los Angeles to pursue my dream in the fashion industry. I thought LA was the perfect mix of city life and beach life. And honestly, I was right!

6. I was a Christian private school kid

I went to First Baptist Academy in Naples Florida from pre-school to 8th grade. I basically lived in church growing up- attending Bible class, youth group nights on Wednesdays, chapel on Thursdays, and church on the weekends. I literally thought I was going to be a pastor’s wife growing up lol.

7. I’ve had SO many different jobs

I was a stylist, fashion buyer, writer, and a social media manager. I never was a kid that grew up saying she wanted a certain career like an astronaut or a ballerina—to be honest, I had no clue and still don’t have a clue what my dream job is. My parents both are entrepreneurs so I grew up having immense respect for people on the constant grind achieving their dreams and being their own boss. I guess I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur myself and follow in their footsteps. So technically, I guess I am on the right path as I am now a full-time blogger. I LOVE being independent and working for myself because in the end its up to me to achieve those bigger steps in my career. 

8. I swear I have an intuitive gift

My mom is the exact same way. We both just know when something is off with anyone! It’s a gift and a burden lol. When I was growing up, my Mom always knew when I was out with my friends and I was up to no good. Sure, most moms have that “motherly instinct” but I promise my Mom’s was a “motherly FBI instinct” on crack. I have also inherited this gift and I am able to just pick up on little things here and there. For example, this kind of stuff happens a lot—I had a weird feeling when Roberto’s Mom dropped us off at the airport one early morning and told him. As we get through the airport and go through security, he got a phone call from his Mom and she was panicking because she got into an accident on the highway with other cars in a bad condition. I could go on and on with weird moments like where I know what my friend is going through without them telling me…or when something is off…but I’ll save those odd stories for another time lol.

9. My Dad was adopted

My Dad was born and raised in Naples, Florida (like me) but he was adopted as a newborn by my now grandparents. I was never curious about his genetic parents/my grandparents until recently. I found out their names are “Janice Donovan and John Carmody” so obviously they are Irish. I might take a look into the family tree because it’s just kind of cool to see the history and maybe even get some details on health implications. Has anyone else ever done this? P.S. I have taken the 23andme genetic test and it concludes that I am indeed primarily Irish/European. 


10. I grew up a baker’s daughter

My Mom owned a bakery since I was 8 years old. The minute I say that people are like, “Oh wow so you ate a lot of cake? Did you have a lot of cupcakes?” yeah no. Don’t get me wrong, my Mom makes the best cake in the whole world but like I said earlier I was never a sweet tooth. My Mom also didn’t really have the typical bakery with cookies and cupcakes. She made speciality cakes with intricate sugar flowers and recreated objects with her sugar work. I’ll put some pictures of her work below. I do have a knack at making yummy cake pops (cake balls) and I inherited the baker’s instinct of the perfect time of when to take something out of the oven lol.

My mom recently sold her bakery because, like me, she gets tired of the same rhythm and likes to change it up. She is now continuing her sugar works skills and using them towards creating artwork for your home. I’ll share more with you guys once she launches the business, it’s really cool! 

11. Roberto and I named our dog after our first date night spot

Roberto and I met in LA and went to the restaurant, Odysseus and Penelope (which is SO good you have to check that spot out if you are in West Hollywood). As soon as we started thinking about getting a puppy, I pulled out a list of names and went through all of them with Roberto (yes, I am so extra. Picking out a human baby name will be hilarious, so get ready Roberto). Roberto was so insistent about naming the puppy Kobe, after Kobe Bryant…… I know.. Of COURSE I’m not going to let that happen guys. Finally, we decided on choosing something a little meaningful and Otis aka Odie was such a cute name. What made it even better is that one of my best friends has a dog named Milo, so we could have real life best friends Milo and Otis haha. Below is a little refresher of the classic Milo and Otis movie:


Let me know if you guys have any other questions about me! 

I’m challenging you guys to tell me one random fact about yourself! Comment below. I’d love to make this comment section as random as ever hehe


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