My Favorite Spring Outfit Deal

Hey babes! 

I found my outfit of the summer and it is seriously such a good deal. I was honestly pretty skeptical about the color because orange online can look different in person. The color looks exactly like it does online and let me tell looks great with a tan (St. Tropez self tanner is a lifesaver!). I promise this little number would look great on anyone. I also really love how you can style the top in two different ways (probably more if you're really creative lol). I will definitely wear this top with a pair of my light washed denim and nude shoes for a night out. I am a really big bargain shopper and I am so excited to share the best deal on this purse too! 

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 5.15.02 PM.png

Top: Forever21 (I am wearing a size small)

Forever21 also has a similar top if you prefer a wrap v-neck style. You can find it here.

Bottoms: Forever21 (I am wearing a size small)

Forever21 also carries the shorts in a skort version. You can find it here


The real deal: Vanessa Mooney $70


The steal:


(It's only $4.90! I promise you I have worn this necklace with almost every outfit since I've gotten it. It goes with literally everything)

The tan: 

You may think it's just the Tulum sun but nope I got a little help from St. Tropez tan. I linked you the tanner I used right here. It looks so natural and I am so happy to have finally found one that doesn't smell funky or streak! It's worth every penny I swear.


The real deal: 

Ricardo Rodriguez Design, Mini Bamboo Tote Bag - $160

The steal:

Amazon (I know you guys have probably seen this purse on every blogger page so I dug through Amazon and found this guy for only $40.99. All other retailers have been selling them for $100-300! I got a size small in this and I personally think it looks the best with my outfits. ALSO, the girl who owns the Miuco company sent the cutest scarf, bookmark, and a sweet handwritten letter with the bag! I never write Amazon reviews, oops, but this girl deserves one.)

Here's me wearing the scarf (and necklaces):


What are you guys looking forward to wearing this spring/summer?


Carleigh Elise

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