Dress Up or Get NA-KD?

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I just needed to share with you guys my favorite items I received from NA-KD that I will probably be wearing weekly (SO comfortable). I got the items in the day before my day trip to Laguna with Roberto and I was just too excited to style the clothes I decided to make a shoot out of it. 


Side note: you know how everyone says California never rains and it's always sunny? Well let me tell you what they don't tell ya... It can definitely get pretty muggy down by the beach. It's called the marine layer- which means its basically just warm fog resting on the beach and can be pretty ugly. Roberto and I ended up going to Laguna Beach on a grey foggy day but boy oh boy it was the perfect day to go to the "Top of The World". The beach may have been pretty bleh but when you go to a higher elevation the fog dissipates. The Top of The World is this high point in Laguna that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and going to a place like that on a foggy day is like hitting the jackpot. I felt like we were in the clouds and the sunset was all the more magical. 


I want to LIVE in this orange sweatshirt. Also, maybe if I wear it enough the "Cool Girl" statement will start to rub off on me and I will actually be cool? Anyways, I chose the orange collar for a popping statement and a size Small (its still a tad bit oversized). It has a ribbed collar with a raw edge at the bottom and is just so soft I can sleep in it. I can definitely see myself wearing this all year whether that be me throwing it on over a bathing suit in the summer or with trendy skinny jeans and boots in the fall. 


I kid you not that this is the softest sweater I own! In the winter my go-to items are oversized sweaters, jeans, and boots. I absolutely love wearing white in the fall/winter (with a little self tanner) because it is just a timeless color. However, the black and olive options are a no brainer essential too. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.27.59 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.37.30 AM.png

These black pants are perfect for anything from a casual day to a night out with friends. And I swear that high waisted black jeans are a gift from God to give a slimmer figure. These high slits are just a trendy bonus. Pair with some funky kitten heeled booties or dress it down with sneakers. They do have a little stretch in them but I would advise to get them a size up.

I hope you guys enjoyed my picks from NA-KD! They have really great picks this season at such amazing prices. Honestly before you know it you will be like me with a fully packed cart and 50+ tabs open...so please enjoy my coupon code "carleighelise20" for 20 percent off your whole purchase. 

Have an awesome day! :)


Carleigh Elise

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