I am so soled on the sneakers + dress trend (pun intended). A dress is a woman’s secret to dressing comfortable especially on days when you can’t decide what to wear; dresses are just easy to throw on. And now sneakers? Soled. I am in love with my garnet colored dress from The Impeccable Pig. Not only is it great to wear for a comfortable day walking around town but can also be easily dressed up. Probably one of my biggest excitements from my outfit are the pair of Nike sneakers that I got for 40% off. (The Nike ‘Internationalist’ Sneakers are only $ 50.98 at Nordstrom) Also, the leather jacket was an awesome addition and is new in stock at The Adair Style Studio. The fall is the perfect time to play around with trends and find new pieces to incorporate in your wardrobe. 


Carleigh CraparoComment