Sweater Weather

You know you live in Charlotte when you have heard, “Yeah it’s getting to be that time of year when its sweater weather in the morning but come midday if you wear a sweater you’d die of a heatstroke”. How can you solve this battle of the bipolar weather? Layers.

Layers for fall have always been an important aspect of dressing warm and stylish. However, this year for Fall 2015, layering pieces have been taken up a notch and creativity is highly recommended. Instead of being “so 2012” and throwing a cardigan over your dress, why not a flannel or even a sweater?

For a day that Mother Nature can’t make up its mind, a cute flowy dress with a sweater on top made the perfect combination that felt effortless and cute all at the same time. Not only do I just love my pleated cream dress, but the white sweater was just the perfect touch. Although for some it may be considered a fashion “no-no” to wear white in the fall and winter; whites are definitely going to be a commodity this season.

May it be the perfect church, day at the office, or even dinner date outfit, this ensemble was the perfect combination of simple and sweet. 







Sweater: H&M



Dress: Forever21

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