Sugar High

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A couple weekends ago I got to experience a blogger's dreamworld, Museum of Ice Cream. I honestly couldn't have asked for a sweeter weekend. For a hot summer day in LA, ice cream is the best answer but why not submerge yourself in rooms full of it with giant popsicles "melting from the walls" and endless options of ice cream flavors? The bright pink building was not hard to find in the middle of downtown LA and a crowd of people eagerly waited outside. Inside were rooms full of candy, bright colors, and endless amounts of ice cream. My favorite treat tied between the mint moochi ice-cream and the fruity sherbert. I felt like a kid again because there were things to do that you would only wish as a child like jumping into a pool of sprinkles, smelling scratch-n-sniff banana wallpaper, and swinging on an ice cream sandwich. I left on a sugar high and a pockets full of sprinkles (dive into sprinkle pool at your own risk).

Ice Cream  (10).JPG
Ice Cream  (14).jpg
Ice Cream  (11).JPG
Ice Cream  (5).JPG
Ice Cream  (8).JPG
Ice Cream  (7).JPG
Ice Cream  (12).JPG
Ice Cream  (1).JPG
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Ice Cream  (3).JPG
Ice Cream  (9).JPG
Ice Cream  (15).JPG


What I wore:

Top: Tobi

Similar options:

Romwe (on sale for $8!!)





Similar options:




Nasty Gal-possibly sold out so I put similar options below (probably cheaper)

Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe

PS. I highly recommend taking a stop into the museum as they tour around the country. Try to get your tickets ASAP because they sell out in a hot second!


Carleigh Elise