Happy Holidazeee Ladies and Gents!

It’s that time of year where I begin to marvel at all the Christmas decorations and get super excited about the holidays. Then, fast forward 20 days later… I am stressing about buying Christmas presents because my procrastinator self has nothing. Finally this year I have straightened myself up and thought of the perfect gift for each special someone in my life AND made a list to help you guys out too. I know how stressful this time of year can be but the best part is waiting to give that gift to someone and see their reaction (sometimes my boyfriend can’t wait and tells me the minute he gets it haha). Below is my real-life facial expression when I give someone a present:


Anyways, I took some time and love into these lists so you guys aren’t stressed with the worry of what to get your loved ones so I really hope you guys like lists as much as I do! Let me know what you guys think. Oh! And if you guys have any tips on what to get Roberto (my boyfriend), I have some ideas but I would love to hear any additional advice. This guy is tough to shop for. Comment below what you think I should get him. Thanks so much!! :) Happy Christmas shopping!!

For Him

Men can be a little tricky to shop for and can even be enough to cause a major holiday headache. Instead of picking up another sport jersey or typical sweater from J.Crew (not that we're complaining), why not try something a little different on for size? 

For Her

Need some help picking out what to get your girl (girlfriend, Mom, sister, etc.) this holiday season? Well here’s my list from a girl’s perspective of things I know she will love!

For Family

Shopping for your Aunt and Uncle this season doesn’t have to be hard. I put together a little list of items that would put a smile on anyone’s face this season.

Under $25

Shopping on a budget or for a small Christmas part gift? These are great ideas to make your gift stand out at any holiday gathering.

low Budget Gifts

We’ve all been here. Struggling to find a way to make your S.O.’s Christmas without any money can be really difficult. Here are some creative ways to make a Christmas to remember without spending a ton of money:

  1. Make a scrapbook: Give Instagram a run for its money with a good old-fashioned photo album. If you hold onto things like ticket stubs and mementos from times together, include them scrapbook-style.

  2. Make a movie: Make your loved one a movie that will always be remembered. Record your friends or family talking about why they love that person. Find adorable, vintage footage from their childhood years to include. Finish it off with your own personal message. Or put together old footage of you guys together in a cute montage.

  3. Turn memories into decor: Do they have a past events (like sport events, celebrations, specific moments) that you could commemorate with a special flair? Figure out a way to represent this in a beautiful frame (you can find these at thrift stores). It could be a picture of the event, a memorable quote, a kid’s handprint, or a newspaper clipping. Let them display something that’s meaningful to them.

  4. A year long advent calendar: For your loved one you can make some kind of cute package of 12 sealed envelopes–one for each month of 2019. Each month your S.O. can open the envelope and find a unique/fun/free activity you’ll do that month.

  5. Music: Put together a playlist. This can be a beautiful and meaningful gift that costs only an hour digging through your iTunes/Spotify.

I hope you guys enjoyed this list as much as I did! Also, if you have any unique ideas of what to get a significant other, please leave them in the comment below :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


Carleigh Elise