The Girl

Carleigh Elise Craparo is a graduate at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She majored in Public Relations with a minor in Psychology. Fashion has always been her interest since dressing up her American Girl dolls and making her little brother wear tiaras and tutus. Right now she is currently a manager at a local Charlotte boutique called the Impeccable Pig, writer and stylist for QC Exclusive magazine, and styles for clients part time. Born and raised in Naples Florida she moved to Charlotte in high school and has never truly gotten rid of her beach bum roots. Fashion is not just her only hobby but she also considers herself a major foodie, avid runner, puppy lover, and a follower of Jesus Christ. Follow her journey as she embarks the fashion industry, tries new food and events, travels, and trains for a marathon. 

The Blog

The blog was created in January 2015 and has evolved from a personal fashion blog to a multifaceted blog that connects the newest trends. Carleigh aims at revealing her everyday interests and informing her readers on trend alerts. The trend alerts can be anything from the latest decadent dish, vacation hot spot, to the newest fashion must have. She will have the answer to anything trendy under beauty, food, fashion, travel, and more. 

The Styling

After graduating from college, Carleigh aims at pursuing a career in fashion and styling. Already building her clientele, she aims at working in Charlotte and surrounding locations. Refer to her contact information to get in touch and schedule an appointment.